Last-mile logistics (delivery to the customers doorstep) are a headache for many industries - free (and fast) delivery is expected!

Established last-mile delivery operators are now also challenged with the imperative to "Go Green".

It used to be said "there is no such thing as a free lunch" and now we must add to that: 

"There is no such thing as free delivery."


With the dawning realisation that vehicle emissions are damaging air quality and public health in the here and now, last-mile delivery companies are being forced towards the use of zero-emission vehicles.... introducing additional commercial challenges and the need to improve the efficiency of last-mile delivery still further   

With zero emissions, a cargo capacity of 1.4 cm (280 Kg) and a range of 60+ miles on a full battery, together with all the operations management software and apps you could wish for, our 3-wheel electric scooters are truly the "go-anywhere" solution - fitting the space between cargo bikes and vans and offering optimised payloads for last-mile delivery.

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