Last-mile Mobile Showcase

Last-mile logistics are a headache for many industries. Stacking goods in shipping

containers and having them moved by rail, sea, or truck is easy.

Offering incredible flexibility and efficiency for delivering orders nearly anywhere to the

doorstep is not so easy and the "Last Mile" is reckoned to be more than 50% of total delivery cost.


Our vehicles are designed to address the identified delivery issues in many industries. 

Cargo Scooter for Business, providing "last-mile" logistics service for the new life of the city


E(electric) V(vehicles) I(infrastructure) A(accelerator) has been formed to support early and increased adoption of Electric Vehicles, both private and fleet/commercial, to help towards reducing emissions from #roadtransport.

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The Bange series electric 3 wheeler is designed for logistics such as mail delivery and is a fully electric 3 wheeler. It features all the mobility of a motorcycle, and all the configurations of a car, with the transportation capacity of a light truck.

Whether it is e-commerce, express delivery, short transit or home delivery service of large supermarkets or cold chain transport, including fresh food, medicine, flowers and others, the Bange series electric 3-wheeler is an ideal solution for improving efficiency, saving time, and lowering work intensity.

OAK series 3 wheelers are zero-emission, lightweight and fully electric. Combining the mobility and configuration of a car with the flexibility of a motorcycle. Compared to the Bange series electric 3-wheeler, this series features a smaller size, but a larger volume of 450L.

Within the load capacity of 50kg, the OAK series electric 3-wheeler is great for use in food delivery with cold/hot boxes, as well as delivery of other products in a cargo container or flatbed.

We believe that OAK electric 3 wheelers are a great and unexpected choice for product delivery and urban transportation due to their small size, large volume, low energy consumption, and environmentally friendly performance.

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