RapSev E-cargo scooters for First Mile & Last Mile Delivery Operators.

First In UK - RapSev -Zero-emissions E-cargo scooters for hyper-local express deliveries.

Service operators who need a cost-effective zero-emissions vehicle for pick-up from/delivery to a doorstep, the RapSev 3-wheel E-cargo Scooter is a zero-emissions electric scooter which bridges the gap between cargo bikes and full-sized delivery vans.

RapSev will allow logistics operators to optimise their first/last mile urban deliveries (already typically more than 50% of total end-to-end delivery costs), while meeting mandated emissions targets and the customer's rapid delivery expectations. This also minimises inefficiencies that are due to unutilised load space and the challenges posed to van delivery by urban traffic congestion.

Unlike petrol/diesel/electric van or trucks, RapSev

E-cargo Scooter can be driven on an ordinary scooter licence, can get through gaps, go around traffic, go off-road and park easily (and often costlessly) at point of collection or delivery. As a zero-emissions Electric Cargo Scooter, RapSev is also expected to remain exempt from congestion or ULEZ charges in the foreseeable future.

RapSev can carry medium and even heavier loads at higher speeds (up to 28mph), with a cargo capacity of 1.4 cu m and circa 240kg, comfortably exceeding the capacity of conventional and pedal-assist cargo bikes. With a fully charged range of circa 60 miles, it can also operate for a full day's urban delivery duty cycle until returning to base for an overnight charge (5-6 hours).

First time In UK - RapSev -Zero-emissions E-cargo scooters.

Fetch & Bring - Courier and Delivery services helping local business and retailers to deliver their goods to Households. Fetch & Bring's website is launching soon.

The Fetch & Bring mission - to bring households the goods and services they need from trusted local suppliers but without disrupting their local environment; zero emissions and less congestion - its time to deliver a better way for our future!

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